What do you consider to be the impossible things?

  1. Eventhough human beings have reached other planets, it is difficult to target the sun.
  2. It is impossible to go back on time and change the situation that have been happened already. We cannot go into future also.
  3. We can not see our face and our back without using external things like mirror.
  4. For normal human being it is impossible to grow taller after the age of 18.
  5. It is impossible to fold only one finger completely inside keeping other fingers straight except for thumb.
  6. It is impossible to get into sleep in standing position or eyes opened.
  7. We can’t bend our body when we are standing by lying our back till our feet completely on a wall. If we try to do so, it pushes us front.
  8. It is impossible to turn the ash into wood again as it is irreversible chemical reaction.
  9. It is impossible to get a sleep or yawn for few hours after having proper meditation.
  10. It is impossible to walk on water.
  11. Impossible to clap by one hand.
  12. It is impossible to erase superstitions completely.

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